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| 30.05.2013

Belarus is the country in the very center of Europe. But the true is that it’s very hard to find any quality travel guide for our country. Apartment Hotel BelTopRent helps people from all around the world to learn our country with greatest ever Belarus travel guide in PDF format. What does that mean? You can download our travel guide with no cost to your computer. When you have a free time, you can start to learn facts about our country simple from your laptop. This guide is great, because it does have all major information any traveller might need during trip to Belarus. The main part of information in this guide is about Minsk. So, if you are going to visit Minsk, this travel guide will give you all information you need. Simple a «must have» digital product!

Friendly Belarus is a country with few traditional attractions to offer tourists. The best way to enjoy Belarus is to sample city life but spend as much time as possible in the countryside or in small towns, getting to know the locals. Some parts of the country retain a haunting beauty, especially when fields of birch groves are interspersed with wooden villages that seem frozen in 19th-century isolation. Urbanisation is a relatively new phenomenon for the country and the heart of the nation still resides in the least populated areas.

That said, Minsk offers thoroughly modern city entertainment but without the consumerist glut of Western Europe. Here fun is stripped down to the essentials: letting go, partying in kicking clubs, and getting to know interesting, attractive people – all in the KGB’s shadow. This is Belarus – have fun with Apartment Hotel BelTopRent Belarus travel guide! By the way, if you need apartments for rent in Minsk or hotels in Minsk, always book your space through our website. This way you will always get the best prices for your accommodations in Minsk. Guaranteed by The BelTopRent team and hundreds of satisfied clients from all around the world!

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