Benefits of Travel by Bus

| 29.08.2013

Here is my thoughts about benefits of travel by bus. I try to avoid them, I don’t like them and haven’t met many people who do. A great road trip perhaps across America on Route 66 or London to Cape Town by road evokes a sense of excitement. As does hearing about the Oriental Express or the Trans Siberian railway.

There are tons of articles, tv programmes, books and films about these forms of transport. However, think about how many times you have read about a great bus ride. You probably haven’t and for good reason. Having just completed two bus rides of medium length I have been reminded why I detest this form of transport. So my short list on why train travel is better than bus.

  1. You get more legroom and space in total.
  2. You can get up and go for a stroll
  3. There is normally a restaurant on board, often with a bar!
  4. It does not have a TV/Radio being played at a tinnitus inducing levels
  5. You can go to the loo when you want to.
  6. Trains are often a bit more social due to the seating arrangements..
  7. You get views of the countryside rather than clogged roads.
  8. Less stress, you avoid heart attack overtaking moments.
  9. You know where you are going to end up, rather than some random bus depot on the edge of town.
  10. You can take photos due to opening doors and windows.
  11. Better ride, not as much swerving, turning and braking.
  12. A flat bed is available on overnight trips.
  13. You don’t have a driver blasting the horn.

I’m sure there are loads more reasons but that’s it for now.

benefits of travel by bus

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