Best Places to See in Dubrovnik

| 18.08.2013

Dubrovnik is one of those incredibly stunning old cities. It’s also a city with an interesting history, just like the others we have visited so far. In 1667, Dubrovnik as devastated by an earthquake, however many of the beautiful churches, palaces and monasteries were preserved and still remain. Dubrovnik is also a UNESCO World Heritage site (that makes two that I’ve visited on this trip!).

We explored the old town on a nighttime walking tour, along the cobblestone streets. Unfortunately photos taken at night don’t come out quite as nicely as ones taken in daylight, but even so it was lovely to explore this town. Part of the city is surrounded by the old walls, which you can walk along as well.

The next day my friends and I walked through the old town to get the cable car up to the top of the hill. There you can see the whole city and the surrounding islands, and it was just breathtaking. Taking the cable car was just like being back home, although the cable car in Dubrovnik was much more modern and was suspended high above the ground. Also, it’s much more of a tourist attraction – taking people to a lookout – than a daily mode of transport. In Wellington, many locals use the cable car to get to and from downtown. Getting such an incredible view of the city was so special, it’s these experiences that I have come to love on this trip.

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Beautiful Dubrovnik

Beautiful Dubrovnik

The Bell Tower in the Old Town

The bell tower in the Old Town Dubrovnik

The Harbour

The harbour Dubrovnik

The City Wall

The city wall Dubrovnik

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