Christmas Holidays in Lapland

| 25.08.2013

Lapland is located to the far north of Finland near the Arctic Circle. It is said to be the best winter wonderland location as it is covered with snow throughout. Lapland is considered to be the most unspoiled, peaceful and excellent destination in the world. It has frozen lakes and is very clean. One might feel fresh air when visiting here but the cold is very brisk. As per myths this area is the finish line from where the province of Mr. Clause starts. Due to this people around the world find Christmas time the best time of the year to visit this destination.

The temperature here is below -7degree Celsius but it hardly makes any difference to people visiting there because of the joy and excitement they are filled with. People here for sure visit Santa clause village where one can meet the Santa himself along with his elves. One can also visit the underground amusement park called Santa Park. Apart from this one can also take an adventurous trip of snowmobile safaris. One can also opt for dog sledding, Heli skiing, snow boarding, ice fishing and also Alpine and cross country skiing.

During winters there is no sunrise for days, thus you will find darkness even during day times. So one has a great opportunity to enjoy the Aurora, natural light show in the sky. It is a natural light show of green, violet, blue and red lights displayed in the dark sky.

In Lapland alone mid day and mid night look same. They have no differentiation as during the long days, there is no darkness during the night time. The days are simply separated by gentle twilight. You can experience midnight sun only in Lapland.

For your accommodation in Lapland, there are three most famous and wonderful resorts to choose from. They are Levi, Yllasjarvii, and Saariselksa which have all the amenities that can make your stay in Lapland more easy and convenient so that you can enjoy Christmas with your friends and family. Other resorts in Lapland are Ruka and Akaslompolo. Other options for accommodation include family apartments and Swedish traditional cottages. The temperature in Lapland during Christmas is quite low. Thus it is better to carry suitable clothing with you.

During Christmas, the hotels and resorts organize various Christmas programs. You can enjoy hot chestnuts, roasted potato wedges, soups and fresh pancakes. For your child, go for hot berry juices which will warm him and you can try non alcoholic gloggi. Visiting Lapland during Christmas is one of the best decisions that one will take. Lapland has something special to offer to children as well as adults.

One can enjoy skiing Christmas holidays in Lapland. Snowboarding is also famous in Lapland with many resorts such as Harriniva, Saariselkä and Luosto provide excellent facilities for this activity. Spending Christmas vacation in Lapland will be memory for you and your family that will be treasured with you for ever. Your child may feel so good and excited to be in the land of Father Christmas and even more to meet him.

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