Condo for sale in Pattaya

| 25.03.2013

Thailand is a very small country and yet it is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Asia Pacific area. The only countries to attract more tourist per year are China and Malaysia. This is a testament to the amazing place that Thailand is. For almost every kind of tourist Thailand has much to offer. The variety ranges from mountainous areas with indigenous hill tribes to big cities with beautiful white sand beaches. Living as a foreigner in Thailand is extremely easy even if you do not speak the language. Thai people are extremely friendly and open towards foreigners.

Pattaya city is a dream location for those tourists who like to spend time on the beach. Pattaya is a superb place to spend a short holiday as it has much to offer in addition to the beaches. For expatriates who might want to live in Thailand long-term, or for those who want a place which they can frequently visit (without having to book hotels), Pattaya is an excellent choice. The large expatriate community means that there is an endless number of restaurants which offer non-Thai food. Pattaya also many expatriate associations, clubs, shopping malls, cinemas, shooting ranges and much more. Pattaya has so much to offer to the resident or the short-term tourist that the word boredom is impossible to even think.

Since Pattaya has so much to offer in the way of entertainment, especially for foreigners, it naturally makes an excellent place to buy a condominium. There are many condo for sale in the Pattaya area as there has been an increasing demand for property in recent years. Condominiums are an excellent option for people who are looking for a second residence in Thailand as the upkeep of the property will be taken care of by the staff employed by the association of owners. So even if you are away from Thailand for a month or more you can rest assured that things are being taken care of. This is one of the many reasons why having a condominium is preferable for expatriates living in Thailand as opposed to a standalone house. Condo prices can vary a lot depending on all kinds of factors such as: location, size, proximity to city center, services provided, etc. Currently it is possible to buy a condo in the Pattaya area for approximately 1 million baht. The prices can vary and some condos can cost more than 15 million baht. This may sound like a lot but remember that 1 million baht is equivalent to 25,000 Euro or $ 33,000 USD. For around $ 60,000 USD it possible to have a beautiful condo of your own in the amazingly beautiful city of Pattaya.


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