Disaster on the backyard of the hotel Minsk

| 19.03.2013 | 0 Comments

On the backyard of the hotel «Minsk», which is situated in the capital of Belarus, the roof went down and till now the parking place is blocked. Owners, whose cars have been damaged by the fallen roof on the parking place of the hotel «Minsk» did not address any issues yet to the main insurance company in Belarus «AutoKASKO». The parking roof has fallen down in the second part of the day on March 15th, 2013. On the internal territory of the hotel «Minsk» were about 50 cars, including rare slovakian sportcar with a cost about 85 thousands of euro. Approximately one third from the total ammount of cars on the parking place has been damaged as a result of this incident.

According to the director of the hotel «Minsk», 18 cars have received damages. Among them expensive cars like Lexus and Mercedes. As the director of hotel has assumed, the roof has fallen under the weight of snow and because of strong wind from the snowstorm «Javier». One of car owners, whose vehicle has been parked under this roof considers: «Snow, probably, began to accumulate in the center of the roof. Then the wind blew and the middle of the roof has failed. As a result the roof  has take the form of the letter «V». Some cars have simply flattened out.»

Such a bad story happend on the backyard of the hotel «Minsk», Belarus. What would you do, if your car would get damaged from the parking roof near the hotel you have stayed? As you can see even staying at the four stars hotel might cost you big problems. Apart-Hotel BelTopRent advise you to be careful when you choose a place where to park your car during your trip.

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