How to Discover The World Using Twitter

| 16.08.2013

Ever found yourself in a city and wanted to get off the beaten track? Not do the typical tourist attractions in Rome and Nice or just go somewhere different in Melbourne? …Well, if you follow the footsteps of traveller Paul Steele and band the Midnight Juggernauts, Twitter might be able to help you have the perfect day.

If you’re a Twitter fan you will have heard of Paul Steele, if not, no worries all you need to know is that he tweets about travel. Paul took to Twitter in order to explore Rome the way the locals like it and to find its secret treasures with the rule that wherever the world tweets, he would go. In 12 hours Paul received over 1500 tweets, taking him to 13 exciting places and with 400,000 followers he produced a whole lot of traffic. Paul managed to promote his own blog, Rome tourism and British Airways who used this as a campaign. Perfect Days in dream destinations can be seen on the British airways YouTube channel, and if you want to check out Paul’s perfect day watch the video below.

The Australian band The Midnight Juggernauts also took on social media to get in touch with fans while abroad. When travelling through Nice in France and unsure what to do, they reached out to their followers and asked for ideas. Through generous suggestions both Paul and the Midnight Juggernauts discovered cities through Twitter.

Beltoprent believe tourism advice from followers over the Internet is an amazing way to interact with your fans, consumers and audience as it promotes positive, creative and fun two-way communication. This concept would benefit brands looking to further explore their target market as they can learn more about their interests and where they like to go, ultimately tailoring future marketing in these places or around suggested activities. It’s also a great excuse to get out and explore a city!

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