Do you prefer hotel in Minsk or apartment rental?

| 10.12.2012 | 0 Comments

The capital of Belarus seems to be explonding with hotels these days! Almost every month bring news about new hotel in Minsk. I personally like very much staying in hotel when i travel around the world. Plus in many places there are no big difference in prices between renting a hotel room or an apartment rental. Lately i was in one city and guess what? The price for hotel room was lower than cost for apartment rental in the same area. Yes, the hotel room smaller but like i said if i am in harry and don’t want to waist my time for apartment reservation, hotel is just great option to me. This situation did not work in Minsk where prices for hotel room are vere, very high. Minimum $100/night.

Though apartment rental is good option in this case. Lots of money the one could save. According to Google people searching Minsk hotel as many times as apartment in Minsk. What does that mean? Well, i think that depend on taste of tourist and his budget. People who have money usualy don’t waste time for apartment search in Minsk. They just book a hotel room and that’s it! From the other side people who has less money, hunting for apartment rental before they would come to Minsk. Please, leave your comments regarding this topic so we can have more clear picture of current situation with hotel in Minsk and apartment rental. Also, you can book your hotel or apartment using our unique searching platform. Discounts up to 80% guaranteed. Plus you can always order apartment search or hotel booking online on our website. Just contact us to make an order. Sincerely, The BelTopRent Team.


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