Top Facts about Russia You Never Know Before

| 27.05.2013

Russia is not only biggest country in the world, but place with lots of interesting information and facts. In this article The BelTopRent team is going to release top facts about Russia you never know before. Some of our facts are funny. Some facts are just sad. You might say, that it is inpossible to find some info about Russia you never know before. Slowdown cowboy! Give us a chance to show what you really never know about Russia before. Still in doubts? Let’s get it started!

1. Russian capital is Moscow —  the biggest city in the Europe. Moscow also have the biggest subway in the world. But if you think you can use Moscow subway without any problems, you wrong! You need to learn how to fight with people in tired space using your elbows. Otherwise, you have a very little chance to leave the car at the right stop.

2. In Russia you can buy a beer and start drinking it right on the street without any problems. You would not be arested like in the USA. Get the hell out from your russian bottle with beer sitting on the bench right on the street. Go buy another one if you want more. Be careful when you feeling drunk. Local cops love guys like you — foreigner with money! Your ass will be arested. Before you will get the freedom, they will milk you like a cow.

3. Russian people like sitting on the kitchen talking about stuff until it’s getting late in the evening. So if you came to Russia and stayed at your russian friend’s apartment, don’t be surprised to see people talking on the kitchen until the morning come. This is just the way russian people live their life.

4. In Russia you can find the way out of any situation. The law is on the last place. If you have some friends who can say a word in your favour to some top russian guns, your problem will be sold. I mean, if you have a problem that seems to you impossible to decide, you can do this in Russia using your money of powerfull friends. No matter how hard your problem or question is. You can do it giving a bribe or asking your mighty friends for help.

5. Russian people do drink much of vodka. This is not a myth! This is the true for hundred percants. It seems Russia simple can’t live without vodka. No matter what the day is, russians drink just for the sake of drink. They don’t like wine, but they do like very much vodka. Still thinking what to buy to drink with your russian fiends? Go to a store and take a bottle of sweet russian vodka. People will say «Thank you» upon your arrival! Don’t you ever buy lemonade or stuff like that. You can get your ass in troubles on the meeting!

6. Russians like to drink a cup of tea with as much sugar as possible in the cup. They don’t give a damn about huge harm for their teeth. They just love this stuff with as much sugar as possible. Some even don’t stop when the cup have more sugar than a tea!

7. Russians just love to hang on the walls in their apartments or houses carpets! This interesting feature is coming from the USSR history. At this hard time the carpet on the wall in your apartment was kinda of sign to other people that you have a high level of life. Otherwords, your income is high and you simple very cool man or woman if have already bought this stupid stuff on your wall.

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