Funny but negative Minsk apartments reviews from

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We already have mentioned about strange things at with Minsk apartment rentals..This type of accommodation selling like hotel room and many people getting missleaded with the service they have been provided. We have found hundreds of reviews from clients where they saying that did not expact to stay at apartment with dirty entrance because they where booking the hotel room. In this article we would list some funny feedbacks with “minus” sign from Since we didn’t find any information about whether or not it’s allowed to use this inforomation we decide that we don’t go against their privacy policy. Keep in mind that we translate some feedbacks from Russian to English due to the fact that russians leave their feedback mostly in Russian. Hence it’s hard to understand for English speaking people about what the person talking about. Let’s start with “Minsk city Apartments” company presented on

1. Justinas from Klaipėda, Lithuania saying – “ The new place of staying wasn`t that good, then one we booked at the start. Ofcourse I can only compare to photos that I saw.”

Poor guy didn’t know that not everything what is shying is a gold:))

2. Purshottam from Stanmore, Middlesex, United Kingdom saying – “ I did not like anything about the Minsk apartment. I was unable to sleep in this apartment. The owner could not speak any english. Luckily I had friend to help me when I checked in. In the front room the owner had two sofas one (sofa bed) was broken and both were smelling. For some strange reasons I was unable to sleep first 3 nights but 4th and 5th nights I managed to sleep for few nights but kept on getting horror dreams. I travel all over the world and I have never experienced this sort of problems anywhere. I will never recommend this place to anyone. Never”

Seems like this guy from UK completely pissed off with the service provided by company “Minsk city apartments”

3. Liubov from Санкт-Петербург,Russia saying – ” we could watch on the TV set only one chanel. It’s so strange, because the TV set was brand new and modern”.

When you check in and see super big and brand new TV set in Minsk apartment rental get ready only for one Russian LOL

4. Olga from Russian federation saying – “We were a family with 3 kids. But the company did not accommodate us into one apartment. Our kids where living in apartment close to the flat where this company gave us accommodation. Plus payment only in cash without receipt or you can get the receipt but you have to pay more money in this case. Very dirty walls in the entrance”

This mature couple was completely pissed off too. But i think their kids have enjoyed vacation in Minsk living not with their parents. Who knows, maybe kids gave the bribe to the manger just to get rid off parents for a few days in Minsk. LOL

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