Sketches of your future home in Tuscany, Italy

| 10.05.2013

What do you plan to do next? Releasing yourself from stress, getting out of the city, going on vacation, having some good time with your friends and family…? Enjoying a better climate than the one from UK maybe? Make a sketch of the ideal place you’d like to visit. Then think about coming back there whenever you want or remaining in that place for as long as you like. Put on that sketch all elements that would make you feel like home. Well, when you’ll look at the sketch of your dreams and then to the photos taken in a couple of residences from Tuscany, Italy, you’ll certainly notice more than a few similarities.

homes for sale in Italy

Starting to look for a property for sale in Italy might sound a little too much at a first thought, but it is really not that complicated. And it is always worth making the extra step in order to fulfil your dreams! You can browse through homes for sale in Italy, but surely those from Tuscany area will make you want to know more. More about this beautiful place in Italy! Because it will make you marvel at the mix of ingredients that make Tuscany so appealing: its art and culture, architecture, natural surroundings, history and not least, wines.

property for sale in Italy

You’ll surely want to taste more than once the well-known Chianti wine, with a recipe older than 150 years old. Central Tuscany is also the home for this wine, with beautiful vineyards in the Chianti region. Among its homes for sale in Italy, Realitalia offers a couple of residences in Chianny, Tuscany, with prices starting from €250000, which can bring you in the middle of this dreamy place. Besides following Strada del Vino and getting in touch with the wine makers along the way, there are also many other things to enjoy yourself with. The area is rich in thermal waters, so spending a day at Casciana Terme is always an option. Also, the place is vibrating with spirituality – the Romanesque baptismal churches appear on the way while walking through the peaceful countryside. If you’d prefer a property for sale in Italy which gives you easy access to the big cities, Chianni can very well be an option, as Florence, Pisa, Siena, Volterra, San Giminiano and Luca are all at most one hour away.  And if sunbathing is what you’re after, you can easily reach to the Tuscan beaches.

On the other hand, Lajatico could be also a wonderful choice in Tuscany area. Ville degli Olivi is restored by architect Alberto Bocelli, the famous Andrea Bocelli’s brother, and is part of the Realitalia’s offer regarding homes for sale in Italy. Indeed, Lajatico is best known as the home town of tenor Andrea Bocelli, who holds a concert once per year in the Theatro di Silenzio, built especially for him. If you are really searching a property for sale in Italy, you might just fall in love with Ville degli Olivi, because of the “Zen” feeling you’ll have overlooking the Tuscan hills from up above. The house comes with its olive gardens that you never get bored walking through and a swimming pool for a refreshing sensation. Not mentioning the warm climate that will make you stay there forever. Missing the big rainy city? Well, take your car and have a half an hour pleasant drive until Pisa airport!

Don’t postpone your dreams. Draw your sketch and then look it up in Tuscany, Italy, together with Realitalia (+44 207 851 4456,


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