How to Choose The Best 1 Bedroom for Rent in Bangkok?

| 01.06.2013

Well, you are not alone. This question is frequently asked by person like you who wish to move into a new apartment along Sukhumvit Road. The selection process can be quite challenging if you do not know the factors to put in to consideration in your selection.
Below are some crucial tips to guide you through the selection process stress-free.

Accessibility: This is one of the major factors that you will need to consider in your selection process. It is advisable to choose a 1 bedroom apartment for rent that is easily accessible to your work place or favorite shopping joint. This will help you save on time as well as expenses that could have being incurred driving if the shopping centre was to be located far away. In addition, since this road is filled with shopping centers that operate 24/7, you will get to enjoy the convenience of shopping at any time. Time will no longer hinder you from going shopping. The selected apartment should also be accessible to most modern social amenities such as restaurants and entertainment joints located in this area.

Space: Different apartments in Bangkok are designed using varying architectural layouts and this in turn determines the amount of space available. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to visit the apartment before paying the rental fees so as to ensure that the space available suits you best. It should be able to accommodate all your home accessories such as couches as well as leave enough room for additional home products that you may decide to purchase after moving in. Even though spacious 1 bedroom for rent in Bangkok may be expensive, consider the long term benefits that you will derive from it. Also, factor in your personal needs and preferences in your selection.

Security: Despite the fact that Sukhumvit Road Bangkok is well known for its high security detail, you still need to consider the security factor during the selection process. Ensure that the apartment is located in a very safe and secure neighborhood that has no negative history of burglary or other related security issues. By choosing a safe location, you will be at peace even when you travel that you apartment is safe. You can go a step further and decide to choose an apartment that has embraced various advanced security systems such as metal detectors and surveillance cameras just to be sure that you are safe.

Rental Fees: There are no standard rental fees in this area. You will soon realize that different apartments charge varying rental fees. It is recommendable to choose an apartment whose price best fits in your budget. A background research on the prices charged by different rental companies can help you pick one whose price is convenient for you. However, be very careful not to sacrifice quality for price. Hence, you should deter from considering the price factor solely. Instead it should be considered in relation to all the other listed factors.

Finally, ensure that the selected 1 bedroom for rent in Bangkok has constant supply of water and proper sanitation systems so as to safeguard your health.

1 bedroom for rent in Bangkok

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