How to get trip to Russia with extremely cheap prices

| 12.04.2013

Russia couldn’t be a good choice for the majority of travelers who want to visit Europe. With its doubtful situation with the world and order especially in areas of Chechnya, the communistic impression of the rule still lives to the majority and a frigid climate over all country especially during the winter, Russia has to be unattractive for the majority. But it was before. Now, though there are still shadows of the Soviet past, Russia — the place value which will visit. Travelers wouldn’t be disappointed with several historical places which speak as culture of rich Russia. There are some museums, monuments and the untouched nature.

Cheap travel to Russia

Visit of Russia can be very expensive consideration of distance of the country. But with several travel companies online, the price tag is much lower which it was before. To receive possible and cheap travel to Russia, everything that you have to make, has to check the websites specializing in cheap rounds. There are available rounds of travel and packages for group and a family who decide to stop to Russia.

About Russia

While Moscow and St. Petersburg — the main cities of the country, at Russia is some countries of the party to find. Be careful though, traveling. Make sure that you know very well places which you plan to visit. You could experience a few difficulties, communicating because of locals especially if you left in these two cities. But if you can understand Russian, you a habit to have any problem. Russia — the big country. Actually, it is the biggest country in the world with a size twice more, than the United States. It covers from Europe to Asia and is divided into 11 time zones. The climate was the main problem of those who plans to travel Russia is — if you go to the Siberian area. The majority of people visits Russia when the winter comes to an end. It usually for May — September. Unlike usual impression, the summer is fine during these times.

Councils on safety

When you decide to go to Russia, to study as much as possible things. Know language, people, culture how to move, and especially — knows where the American embassy is located. When you pack, you pack light. Avoid to bear too much cash and expensive jewelry. Never show the wallets publicly. Use a monetary belt which can be carried round your neck. It is safer, than a wallet. Be vigilant when in the overflowed places as the public markets, public transport and sights among others. Know about pickpockets always.

If you go from point to point, don’t welcome by unmarked taxi and cars. Similarly, never divide a taxi to other people whom you don’t know. If you plan to travel by bus or to be trained, take additional precaution. If you plan to drink on public places, make sure that you have someone who remains sober. Any sign of intoxication could attract professional robbers and thieves.

Make sure that other people back houses know your routes both contact numbers and numbers of your travel document, such as your passport before departure. If something not so occurs, they would know where to find you. Make enough photocopies of the air tickets, passports, the visa and all the travel documents. Leave the copy in the house or to someone whom you know.

Check on the prevention of travel and avoid areas of Ingushetia, the North Caucasus of Chechnya, east and southern parts of the Stavropol Krii and Dagestan. These places could be dangerous to the tourist. Avoid to drink water from under the crane. Instead water in drink bottles. If there is no available water in bottles, will boil water at first before drink. All of them could help you to make it by means of the Russian trip safely.

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