How to Survive During your First Airplane Flight

| 12.04.2013

Big day arrived – a holiday in far foreign country. All of you are packed and ready to go. You have the passport, the air ticket and some way to pay during your following of several weeks. You are raised disturbing and ready to go. Here some indexes to make your long flight a little more pleasant.

Before you will go.

Package, the easiest. You have to have no more, than two suitcases and one hand luggage. If you go to tropical climate, it will be easier packing shorts and t-shirts. And, you can always lift some new clothes in the mission. Guarantee that you had all your drugs and copies of your instructions. Check the last rules to bear liquids in your hand luggage. Rules and norms change with weather – therefore keep the operating.

Confirm the flight. My last vacation trip was almost delayed for day or two as the typhoon struck Taiwan, and my flight from Hawaii took place Taipei. I ciphered and changed the flight on what passed Tokyo, Japan and managed to reach Thailand as it is planned. I didn’t check in good time and fortunately could enter into various flight. I learned the lesson. Confirming, be given the assignment of a place. I prefer output ranks for bigger quantity of a place for feet.

Double check that you had all. I use a check list and I check it 2 or 3 times before I will go. Really make sure that you have passport, tickets and some way to pay – cash, the ATM card, a credit card or traveler’s checks. The combination — a good way to make sure that at you is alternative instruments of payment. If you go to the country which has its own currency, the plan to exchange day or two value at airport of destination. Don’t exchange money in the native land – you receive awful level.

At your airport of departure

The plan to reach your airport about 3 hours before your departure of flight. Registration and lines of safety can be long and slow. Have the travel documents, ready to show everywhere where you go. Again, check rules for this purpose that you can bring with yours on flight – especially in your hand luggage. I always eat at the airport before I will treat. Things recovered also cheaper at the airports, and I prefer to have food in me and not to rely on airline food. I also bring some connection of a trace with me to chew on during flight.

Exploit duty-free shops. Receive the binge, cigarettes and other heroes for not the taxable prices. Check restrictions in the country of appointment before you buy 6 bottles of whisky and you learn that to you only allow to enter that. Also check to see, whether you can bear liquids on flights which have layover or two. You probably should make your purchase in layover before your last stage.

You can kill time, playing any electronic toys which you own. Wireless access is usually available at the airports, thus, you can check e-mail and a surf. You can listen also to a little music if you have iPod something similar. Radio can be found in the majority of the airports directly out of Airline halls. You shouldn’t be a participant to sit outside and to take pleasure their poor network.

On flight

Try to relax and sleep as much as possible. Changes of the time zone and violation of a biorhythm will be reduced. Avoid alcohol and drink a lot of water, especially on longer flights. Dehydration arrives easily to long flights in dry air of a cabin. You can drink binge when you arrive. Read and watch film to kill time. Make some riddles in logbooks. Be strongly occupied as much as possible. Have some mints and rubber to facilitate air pressure during take-off and a landing.

I usually avoid a main course of food of airline. I really eat salad, bread and a dessert. The main food is seldom edible. It — why I eat before I will go and I will eat own snack. You will have to fill a form of the customs declaration in the plane to come to the official of custom. Make it in the plane and attach it with the passport.


The head from the plane as soon as possible. You and all the others will have to pass Immigration customs – thus, race goes. It would be desirable to hope, you were given instructions before jumping. Otherwise simply follow signs. Don’t stop to smoke or use a bathroom. Enter into the shortest line and have the ready passport. You hold the copy of the boarding pass with you just in case.

Be pleasant and polite in relation to the official of custom, to print your passport, turn in your customs declaration, and to move to baggage roundabouts. Make sure that you have own baggage and you find currency exchange. Change on enough of money to last to you day or two. ATM are conveniently located around the world, thus, a debit card — the easiest way to receive local currency. It can be a little more dangerous use of a credit card. Receive the money and move to an exit. Find the taxi or bus line and go to the hotel. You made it! Now, enjoy the vacation.

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