Minsk Accommodations for Long-Term Stays

| 01.07.2013

More and more foreigners coming to Minsk either to study, travel or business  issues. All those people have the same problem: where to stay for long-term period. There are not many options in Minsk for long stays. You can consider a hotel, an apartment rental, your friend’s apartment, hostel. Let’s take a look at all these Minsk accommodation options.

Hotel in Minsk for long-term stay

If you need to stay in Minsk for a month, hotel in Minsk is the simplest option you have. There are always free rooms in Minsk hotels and procedure to get one is pretty simple. All you need is a valid passport and a visa to Belarus. You can pay at reception with all major credit cards. Minsk hotels have some useful stuff like free WiFi in the lobby or a cafe to have a breakfast in the morning. But they all have one big minus if you are going to stay long — the price.

There are no discounts if you want to rent a room in a hotel for many days. You have to pay the same amount of money. It does not matter, one day or entire year — the price is always the same. So if you need to stay for a month in Minsk, you have to spend over 3k of dollars for your accommodations. If money does not mean a shit for you, this option is just great. You will get some hotel service and reception support right on the corner no matter what time is it. But what to do if money talks for you? Let’s consider next accommodation option in Minsk.

Apartments for rent in Minsk

Apartment rentals can save your budget extremely well compare to hotel. The reason is you can always get a good discount if you want to stay for more than two weeks. Apartment managers usually going closer to client who want to rent an apartment for long term. They are saving their time! They are getting constant income for a period of time the client want to stay. So to give a discount is a good deal for both sides. If apartment in Minsk for daily rent cost 50$ a night, you can rent this apartment for a month for something like 1k of dollars.

Compare to hotel staying you can save up to 2k of dollars! Is staying in Minsk apartment for a long term worth it? We think yes! $2k aren’t lay on the ground. You can get bunch of stuff for this money. For example, you can have a party in Minsk night clubs every night having a few grands in your hands to spend. But staying in apartment might be not so comfortable compare to hotel. Managers might hardly understand you and apartment might be really ugly. It’s normal for even high price apartments compare to our experience.

Your friend’s apartment

This option is simple. If you have a friend in Minsk and they have some free area, call them. You can get accommodation for a month for just a few hundred bucks. Just treat your friend with food and beverages and everything will be okay. If you are ready for this kind of accommodation, go ahead. It’s much better than staying at train or bus station during a night.

Hostels in Minsk for long term

Hostels in Minsk are something really new. Just a few years ago there was no hostels. But now Minsk have many. Hostel is a place where you need to share your room with 5, 10, 15 or even more people. It’s like a big student party, where nobody give a damn about who, where and when. According to the price list from the hostel near train station, you have to pay 13 EURO for every night of your stay. So on month will cost you over 350 EURO. Not cheap, but what you can do if you need long term place to stay in Minsk? Nothing! Contact The BelTopRent team to get help with long-term accommodations in Minsk now!


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