New “Tin Can” Size Hand Luggage for Ryanair Passengers

| 19.08.2013

London, London: Ryanair, the cheap-as-chips Irish airline has announced controversial and what some say “ludicrous” changes to its hand luggage requirements.  New regulations state that hand luggage be decreased by 10 centimetres along the length, width and height respectively, and for the maximum weight to be halved.

It used to be that passengers could take hand luggage on board measuring a maximum 55 x 40 x 20 centimetres, with a weight of no more than 10 kilograms. However the scoundrels at Ryanair have officially confirmed that the new hand baggage size will now be a maximum of 45 x 30 x 10 centimetres with a mental weight restriction of 5 kilograms.

Naturally the move has sparked outrage across all of Europe. The Rolling Eye headed to London Stansted Airport to find out the response from Ryanair passengers. “This is like, literally absurd,” exclaimed Giles Richardson, a 20 year old student from Guildford on his gap year.  Jesus Macias Garcia, a Spanish graduate from Granada who often visits his boyfriend in London just shook his head, “Dios. Why is it that these people (Ryanair) are a joke, ah?”

This isn’t the first time the Irish rogues have caused trouble for their long-suffering passengers – the airline introduced a £1 or €1 fee two years ago for using the bog on board, and even then, they plan to rid their aircraft of all loos to make room for more seats in future.

The multinational luggage manufacturer and retailer, Samsonite has also expressed bewilderment at the new rules, and strategies are now being set in place to design hand luggage which will accommodate the new measly size of 45 cm x 30 x 10 cm – and it appears other luggage brands are following suit too.

Back at Stansted Airport, on finding out the new hand luggage requirements, Dawn White from Croydon declared to The Rolling Eye, “Are you bloody joking me? Isn’t that like the size of a tin can, Jesus Christ”. For sure, Nata.

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