Minsk Accommodation Reviews

| 24.05.2013

Before you would come to Minsk, you need to find out  where you would like to stay during your trip to Belarus. In this article Apartment Hotel BelTopRent presents for you independent Minsk accommodation reviews. There are many options for your accommodation in Minsk. Places like hotel, apartment for rent, hostel or even a room at your friend’s apartment always can be your Minsk accommodation. Let»s see what advantages you can get if you would like to choose any of those accommodations options.

Minsk Hotels

Hotels in Minsk are very good place to stay, but you know, they have so many minuses due to local economic situation. The truth is all Minsk hotels are very expensive. You can’t rent a hotel room in Minsk with price lower than a hundred dollars a night. If you think that you will get for your hundred bucks all five stars — you wrong! All you can get is three star hotel room. Four star room will cost you over $150 dollars. Five star room will cost you from $290 dollars a night. If you can effort those prices or your boss — than no problem at all. But what if your budget is limited? You need to choose different accommodation option in this case. Okay, let’s get to hotels in Minsk. Staying in Minsk hotels is safe. This is for sure! Militia will guard your room 24 hours a day. Plus all Minsk hotels have their own security service.

Guards will help you with luggage — they just don’t have something to do! Reception will talk to you in English. Your room will have clean sheets. You might get free breakfast, but not in all hotels. If you would like to bring somebody to your room, get ready to do that until 11 P.M. Why? There is a rule for all hotels in Minsk. Free of charge hotel room vistits until 11 P.M! If you want your friend to stay longer, get ready to pay for that. Usually, you need to pay the same price as you already have paid for one night of your hotel stay. Big minus for local hotels? Agree! Sometime you can give a bribe for security guard to take your girlfriend or friend  upstairs, but it’s possible not in all Minsk hotels.

Minsk Apartments for Rent

Great accommodation option, but have some disadvantages. According to our experience, there are two major things clients don’t like about apartment rentals in Minsk. Dirty entrance is on the place one in this list. Unfortunately, all apartment rentals which are in the very center of Minsk are situated in the old buildings from the soviet time. People who lives their don’t give a damn about their entrance. It’s just the way almost all people live in this country.They do care about their own apartments, but don’t give a f..ck about what is going on before their main door. So get ready from the start to old, dirty entrance before you will get inside of your Minsk apartmen rental in the center of Minsk. This is not a Germany, this is Belarus.

Second issue is possible problems inside of apartment rental. Sometime there is no hot water (during summer time), sometimes there is no heat ( during winter time), sometimes apartment will look like a shit compair to photos you’ve seen before. This is just because manager don’t care about it and use it for full power to make as much money as possible from it. Business and nothing but the business. The good thing is you can take your girlfriend for all night long, f..ck the hell out of her and you don’t need to pay extra money for her stay like in Minsk hotel. Also the price is always cheaper than in Minsk hotels. You can rent apartment in Minsk from $40 a night with our help. Huge money savings!

Minsk Hostels

Some young guys who just don’t have money for apartment in Minsk can stay in the local hostels. The price for a night starts from $15. You will be accommodated with 10 or even 15 people more in one big room. Don’t get mad if you will wake up late in the night because of some jerk having fun in his bed. This is a hostel! You will shair your space with many other poor people. Hence you should understand about all uncomfortable things for you. Usually all Minsk hostels are clean enough. This is a good thing about this type of accommodation in Minsk. Keep in mind that all hostels are situated not in the center of Minsk. You need to use public transport to get your ass to the point you came for.

Your Friend’s Room

Well, if your friend is a rich guy you will get a nice room. If the son of a b…ch is poor, you will get dirty room. This is simple! The good thing is you will not pay a $100 a night for your accommodation, but might need to buy vodka and food for your friend for the sake of your stay. Just don’t drink too much with your fellow. Local guys can drink over one liter of vodka at once. For you will be enough even 200 gramms. So don’t loos control over your head in your friend’s apartment.

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Minsk accommodation reviews

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