Minsk apartments for rent from BelTopRent

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Days passing by. Apart-Hotel BelTopRent getting older. But our accommodation service in Minsk, Belarus only getting better. We do many things to please our clients. Minsk Apartments for rent from BelTopRent are the best option for cheap, safe accommodation in the capital of Belarus. You don’t need to pay extra money if you to have visitor over night. In all hotels in Minsk you should pay double price if you want a visitor to stay at your hotel room for all night long. This fact is ridiculous, but this rule never been changed from the time of the mighty USSR.

If you choose apartment in Minsk, you can get high level of privacy. We think, that been staying at the hotel no so high level private as it would be if you rent apartment rental in Minsk. Who knows, could be hiden video camera in your hotel room or some kind of bugs to listen all your talks. Staying in Minsk hotels is worth a try if you will get full refund at your home, if you don’t care about money, if you don’t need more privacy during your stay. Accommodation in Minsk apartment is worth a try if you care about your money, nobody will refund for you the cost of Minsk accommodation at your home, you need for your stay in Minsk more privacy.

By the way, staying in Minsk apartments is good even if you can get refund for your accommodation at home. Managers might even provide for you receipt with higher ammount then you have paid. So it’s kinda you might make some money on your accommodation in Minsk if you want to. Let’s call it like «screw your boss»)) Feel free to contact us if you would like to get this option. We don’t mind if you want screw your boss.

Minsk Apartments for Rent

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