What Places to Visit While Traveling Abroad

| 26.08.2013

Do you ever wonder what life is really like in the places you visit? Or are you satisfied with the traditional tourist sites? Now I don’t mean to say you should go running down to the nearest corner bar to see the locals in action. That is not always a good idea. Not without a plan anyway.  But with a little foresight you may be able to sneak in a side trip to some places that most travelers don’t even think to visit.

A good place to learn about the area you’re visiting is the local town or city hall. The local Chamber of Commerce may be another possibility.  Of course with security measures being what they are today this may not be an option in all areas. You should be able to find out before your arrival however. A phone call should be able to answer your questions regarding out of town visitation.

You may want to stop by the local museum. Whether large or small you can run across some interesting items and historical facts about the town or city you are visiting. For instance, the Acropolis Museum located in Athens has glass floors and a glass wall. There are many types of museums in these cities.  There are the famous and not so famous museums. Pick one. You won’t be sorry. You may come away with new knowledge. Now you know something your friends don’t!

Are you a bargain hunter? In addition to the small town stores and boutiques, try hanging out at the local flea markets! There are flea markets all over the world. If you like silk try the Cormano market near Milan, Italy. How the Rose Bowl located in Pasadena California. While browsing over 5 miles of booths you may get to brush shoulders with the likes of Gwen Stefani, Whoopi Goldberg or other major stars who like to bargain hunt. You can score some great stuff, good food and make new friends.

If you’re a foodie, you may want to search for places to eat. Egyptians are known to have a sweet tooth, so you’ll find pastries drenched in honey and topped with nuts and dried fruit. Enjoy a Cornish pastry on your next visit to Cornwall England.  In Vieques, Puerto Rico you can grab a meal on the side of the road from the tiny island where the food truck culture rules.

Speaking of different places to see did you know that in Salem, Oregon there is a child sized grocery store located there? Or a room dedicated to bubble making? Plan a visit to Gilbert’s Discovery Village. The kids will love it! Or head out to Metropolis, Illinois where there is a Superman celebration every year (usually around the second week of June)

No matter where you go or what you do make room to throw in the unusual, something out of the ordinary. I doubt that you’ll be sorry. It will add unique stories to your treasure chest of memories in the years to come. Who knows? It may start a family tradition to be passed along from generation to generation. The Family that finds the most exciting places to see and do! How about that for a memory?

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