Rent Apartment in Minsk

| 20.05.2013

Some of western developed countries don’t ask for a visa, it is easier for them. But if you need a visa, it is not a big deal to get one if you are from EU or USA. So if you need a visa to Belarussia, you can do this with the help of an invitation letter, that you may get from Minsk hotel “Europa”. All you have to do is just to book a hotel room there and the invitation letter will be sent to your email box and the half of the work with getting Belorussian visa will be done. Then you need to choose place to stay in Belarus. If you would like to stay in the local hotel, than it’s really easy for you to find an accommodation in Belarus. There are hotels in every Belorussian city or town. But if for some reason staying in the hotel is not attractive for you, there are many services, which may assist you with accommodations in this country.

There are many apartment rentals in Belarussia and especially in Minsk. You just need to type in Google search box any of this keywords – rent apartment in Minsk, apartment rent Minsk, apartments rent Minsk, rent in Minsk, etc, and you will find tens of websites. Now you have to choose the one which is good for you, that is reliable and reasonable. I would advise you to choose those who make a serious accommodation business with many options to find them. The most reliable local apartment rentals websites are the ones who have their office, local phone number, mobile phone, etc. You may call them 24h a day or you can come to their office and book an apartment with your credit card right then. You may also contact them through email or Skype, if it is more convenient for you. Better do not try to get travel service from website that have the only one option for apartment booking — email. It can be a scam! They will ask you to make a prepayment, but you will never rent a flat with them once they have got your money.

Usually all apartments in Belarus have whatever you need – fully equipped kitchen with plates and dishes, microwave oven, fridge. You will have a washing machine, satellite TV, clean towels and sheets will be also provided for you. Besides you may also order apartment rent with air-conditioning, Jacuzzi, sauna, and many other things that may satisfy your taste in accommodation for short-term stay. The prices vary from $30 to $250 per night, depending on number of rooms, location and conveniences. The amount of prepayment is usually the cost of one night rent. You will be asked to make it beforehand and you pay the rest upon arrival.
One more advice for you — better to choose those Belarus apartment rental services, that can be provided for you in English language, so that you could always call them if you need something or if something goes wrong during your stay in the apartment.
So, get your visa to Belarusrent apartments in Minsk  and enjoy your travel.

rent apartment in minsk


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