Seats of Power: Rome’s Architecture

| 09.05.2013

Those who like architecturally-oriented tours will surely enjoy the buildings and other structures of Rome! Design hotels, piazzas, churches and other buildings both in ruins and still standing all abound in the city, and each one is a great example of the magnificent empire that conquered the world!

The question is, where does one begin? With so many wonders to choose from, many of which aren’t far from one’s Rome design hotel, making a choice can be downright impossible. As the capital of what was once a great empire, however, understanding it is easier by beginning with religion and politics.

Here are a few places to begin your Roman architectural tour– starting from your Rome design hotel!

The Architecture Of Politics

Don’t be surprised if even the places around your Rome design hotel were once connected to politics– it’s what made this city tick! In fact, even its entertainment centre (The Colosseum) was a political show of force, created for the amusement of the citizens and show strength. Another great example is the famous Roman Forum, the ruins of a city centre where many important buildings that were connected to the government and how it was run was located. 

Then, there is Trajan’s Market- a multi-level structure formerly believed to be the world’s oldest mall, but now said to be the administrative offices of Emperor Trajan’s reign.  Other places to visit are Palatine Hill, the residence of the emperors of yore as well as the aristocrats of the time; the Capitoline Hill; the baths amd more. Many of these attractions are also museums and often part of multi-site Rome tour passes. Ask the staff at your Rome design hotel about these tours.

It’s not just the ruins that are great examples of Roman politics. Many historical buildings are still in use as such. Il Quirinale, the Italian equivalent of the White House is a great example. Others are the parliament house Palazzo Montecitorio located in Piazza di Monte Citorio; the Senate building Palazzo;  the seat of the cabinet, Palazzo Chigi in Piazza Colonna; and Palazzo Grazioli where the Prime Minister stays.

The Architecture of Religion

Religions has always been a part of the character of Rome, from the old Greek and Roman gods to the Catholic church. No wonder there are various architectural masterpieces dedicated to these religions– many of which are still standing not far from your Rome design hotel!

You’ll surely want to visit the monument built by Agrippathat was dedicated to all the gods of ancient Rome, The Pantheon. Rome’s prime cathedral and the former residence of the popes– St. John’s Cathedral (San Giovanni Laterano)–Rome’s cathedral and the first church of the popes is also not to be missed. There are many other glorious  basilicas, cathedrals and churches to be visited such as Sta. Maria in Trastevere, said to be the first one dedicated to the Virgin Mary– not far from the Rome design hotel Ripa; and of course, St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City (not exactly in  Rome, but worth the short trip from your Rome design hotel).

Political Buildings

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