Short term apartment rent

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apartment-hotelMore and more people arrive to large cities of our immense country with the business purpose or to have a rest and get a few days without everyday work . The most favourable accommodation choice for short term stay is the variant of  apartment rent . Very large number of people who quite often rent apartments, not unreasonably believe, that daily apartment rent is the most favourable and rational variant, than hotel accommodation.

Such rental choice  will  be much more cheaper compair to hotel and will be more convenient for you, than a hotel accommodation. To all people who prefer apartment rent for short term stay that means  house cosiness and comfort.

These days, when the world facing huge world crisis, there are some changes in a segment of apartments for short term rent. In the financial plan, the prices for rent of apartments for short stay will decrease and quality of offered apartment rental services will promptly grow.

Renting apartments very extensive range of clients —  from tourists to people even with the high vital status. Today many apartments which are for lease, have modern renovation inside and worse to rent if compair to available hotel rooms of special class.

When there comes the high season all worthy hotels in Minsk, Kiev, Moscow and other large cities happen to be overflowed. Also the price of hotels more or less decent and to stay in cosy room for a few weeks makes very big financial investment. Better to rent apartment  and you will get comfort quite similar to decent hotel room, but the cost of apartments for short term rent is minimum several times cheaper.

Make a correct choice when you need to choose where you will stay in a large city. When you would rent cosy apartment for short stay, you will receive an extensive spectrum of additional services, beginning from a meeting at the airport or railway station and finishing with consultations on all questions regarding your residing, up to registration of foreign citizens. It is very convenient! Also the most important apartment rent for short stay does not demand very big financial investments.

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