Taxi from Minsk to Gomel

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Gomel is another big city in Belarus with population over 500 000 thousands of people. This is the second-largest town in Belorussia.The area og Gomel is 122 km. Interesting fact that Gomel has a large Jewish population. Jews have lived in Gomel ever since 115th century, when the area was annexed by Lithuania. During the Khmelnytsky Uprising in 1648, the Cossacks invaded Gomel, and killed 2,000 Jews. The Cossacks then forcibly made the Jewish survivors convert to Christianity. The Cossack forces kept a firm grip on the city, until the Treaty of Pereyaslav was signed. The Poles took over Gomel soon afterward, and allowed the converted Jews to revert back to Judaism.

Gomel is situated in the southeastern part of the country, on the right bank of Sozh river, 302 km (188 miles) to the South-East from Minsk, 534 km (332 miles) to the East from Brest, 171 km (106 miles) to the South from Mogilev, 237 km (147 miles) to the West from Bryansk and 111 km (69 miles) to the North from Chernihiv.

ApartHotel BelTopRent have great option for travelers — taxi from Minsk to Gomel. You will be provided with professional driver. The car is Hyundai Santa Fe. You can see our vehicle on the picture below. The rates for the ride from Minsk to Gomel are next:

1. Taxi from Minsk to Gomel daytime (8:00-22:00) — 200$ (over 310 km to ride)
2. Taxi from Minsk to Gomel nighttime (22:00-8:00) — 220$
3. Taxi from Minsk airport (MSQ) to Gomel daytime — 200$
4. Taxi from Minsk airport (MSQ) to Gomel nighttime — 220$

If you need ride back from Gomel to Minsk the rates are the same as you take a ride from Minsk to Gomel. To order taxi Minsk-Gomel you need to contact us with details for your trip to Gomel (date, time, pick up place) You will get our respond just in a few minutes. You can find more information about taxi service fromBelTopRent HERE.

After we have received details about your transfer to Gomel, our driver will pick you up exactly at the time and place you’ve ordered. If you have any questions regarding your trip by our taxi from Minsk to Gomel, feel free to contact us by email or phone. We do speak English.

Taxi from Apartment Hotel BelTopRent

taxi from minsk to gomel

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