Teachers Tips – Surviving School Trips

| 31.05.2013

While being a teacher isn’t easy, and some say the financial regards are not commensurate with the time and effort required, certainly the job does hold many attractions. Of course, guiding young learners through the exciting journey of education is the major factor, but the opportunity to travel with their charges on school trips to exotic destinations and share the experience of travel must certainly be another?

It isn’t all casual clothes and wandering around ancient sites with young charges in tow, there is a huge amount of responsibility involved for those in charge of school trips, but any issues can be minimised with attention to detail and a little forward planning.

school trips

Destination is everything

What student would want to go to a dry and uninteresting destination on school trips, which holds little or no relevance to the subjects they are studying hard for? While the world is, indeed, their oyster, of course there will be certain restrictions to the choice of location – including budget and curriculum – for the teacher planning such a trip. But as long as they keep an open mind and a keen eye on the details, there are myriad suitable destinations all over the world that are safe, accessible and exciting.

An interesting itinerary

Once a destination is settled upon, it is imperative that the itinerary is given careful thought; engaging the skills of a specialised travel company experienced in school trips is the best way of ensuring students receive a well-rounded overview of a destination – with a focus on their particular subject of interest. In many cases, with a well thought out itinerary, teachers themselves can gain a whole new enthusiasm and passion for their own field of teaching.

Minimise any risks

While nobody wants to consider the worst, the truth is, accidents do happen. It is important, however, that the risk of anything untoward happening on school trips is minimised as much as possible. Again, enlisting the services of a professional travel company to take care of the fine details is by far the best way of doing this – and giving teachers peace of mind.

See your students in a whole new light

Students who take part in school excursions often forge a closer and more mature relationship with their accompanying teachers. It is a positive opportunity for learner and teacher to relate on a more personal level and ignite a previously unexplored respect, which can be translated to the classroom on the return. In terms of a student’s progress and maturation, this can be an invaluable rung on their ladder of scholastic achievement.

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