Tips to Rent Luxury Apartments in Minsk

| 21.07.2013

Luxury apartments for rent in Minsk are very popular last years. This is due to high level of tourists who coming to Minsk for big football games like Champions League or some music show with famous artist, etc. Does those apartments worth a booking? Or maybe a hotel room would be much better? Let’s take a look!

Five star Minsk apartment rentals will cost at least 250 dollars a night. Not less! Almost always you will get some comfortable space with modern furniture and good renovation inside. But sometime you can get much more less value for your money. If you think that an apartment will look exactly like on the photo of the agents, you are wrong. Pretty offen apartments are worth looking in real life. This is because many managers and inhabitans don’t really care about condition of apartment during. Managers are lazy to clean apartments well. People who rent are lazy to keep apartment rental clean. Many people even smoke inside of apartment. Now imagine you open the door of this diamond apartment and feel this terrible smell in the air. How do you like this kind of luxury rentals?

Mostly you renting apartments from managers who just renting an apartment directly from the owners and than run it on daily basis to clients. simple but effective way to make money. The problem is many so calling managers are lazy to keep their rentals clean. We can’t forget many situations when we have opened the apartment’s door with our clients and flat for rent was just awfull. Managers only care about money that you are going to handle them. Also you can get even dirty towels, etc. Apartment cleaning service is really suck in Minsk.

When you trying to rent luxury apartment in Minsk, make sure you have talk to managers about whether or not people were smoking in the apartment. If he will say «Yes», you can demand lower price or just move to another offer. Belive us, you can choose. currently over 200 luxury apartments in Minsk and growing. Also make sure everything is clean. You don’t need to use dirty bathroom or living room. If upon arival you don’t get what was promised, ask the discount. If manager would not give you the less price, just go to the hotel. For $250 you can stay in any of the must popular hotels in Minsk. Don’t waste your time for stupid people. Just move on for the btter life.

rent luxury partments in minsk

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