Tales of the Travelling Twins — Viva Vang Vieng

| 23.08.2013

Vang Vieng. A backpacker’s paradise. Infamous for tubing. Great nightlife. Great fun. Definitely worth a visit. That is what we had heard and why were so keen to come here. We arrived after a long, arduous journey consisting of an overnight train and what was undoubtedly a local bus from Vientiane to here. It seemed as though some of the people on the bus had brought their whole lives with them they were so weighed down with bags!

Upon our arrival it was pretty obvious that the guidebook had spoken a lot of truth. It seemed as though every building was either a guesthouse or a restaurant, there was certainly not a shortage of either. Friends was on in every other restaurant and there were also a number of adventure tour operators advertising tubing, kayaking, canyoning and caving. The town was smaller than we expected but was incredibly easy to navigate, especially with all the English signs!

Having heard other people rave so much about tubing we were very keen to try it the next day. However, being the rainy season the weather forced us to find something else to do. We therefore spent the day visiting the Kaeng Nyui waterfall trail which turned out to be worth a visit.

However, we didn’t have long to wait for our first tubing experience to begin. The next day the weather was nicer and so we headed out on the river with an American couple we had met the day before who had been here for almost two weeks now they loved it so much. A great day chilling and drinking on the river ensued. Looking at past videos tubing is definitely not how it used to be but we had a great time nonetheless!

However my personal highlight of the last few days happened at Sakura Bar the night before last. Behind the bar was a 5 litre glass jar full of Lao-Lao whiskey. Now Lao-Lao whiskey is bad at the best of times. However, this whiskey had been distilled with 20 dead geckos in it. Not pleasant! One of the guys we were with said he buy one if anyone wanted to try it. I hastily refused but Neeks, much to my surprise, accepted. I guess we know who the braver twin is!

Viva Vang Vieng!


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