Travel to Makarska, Croatia

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Makarska is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Croatia with tens of thousands of tourists from all parts of Europe and world. This is not the place to go in summer if you are trying to find a peaceful getaway, nevertheless if you want to join the party crowd it is a place to look into further. The broad promenade, bursting with fashionable cafes, restaurants and stores, is backed by an old town of narrow, stone-paved streets. The modern luxury hotels are built just outside the bay with their own private pebble beaches. An outstanding mix of old and brand-new: sports, leisure, culture, sightseeing, shopping and eating out. Most hotels carry out an incredible selection of watersports such as waterskiing, boat rides and scuba diving. Mountain-climbing is also a regional tradition dating back to the early 1800s with a spectacular unaffected landscape, this is hiker’s paradise.

Center of Makarska is an old town with narrow stone-paved streets, a major church square where there is a flower and fruit market, and a Franciscan monastery that houses a sea shell collection featuring a giant clam shell. Nature Park Biokovo, the mountain that rises right out of the sea, behind Makarska, with its peaks and lookout points that manage memorable scenic views onto the Makarska Riviera and the location around Biokovo. Biokovo is special not just for its position, but also for its geomorphology and its biological diversity, which are the major reasons for Mt Biokovo having been proclaimed a nature park in 1981. You can walk on foot into the mountains behind Makarska, nevertheless if you wish to reach the best mountainous areas you will need to drive to the official park itself. There are outstanding hiking opportunities in the park, although in some cases the fog makes it difficult to have a good view of the surroundings. The great weather conditions in Makarska allow you to participate in sports activities throughout the year. The geographical position of Makarska is perfect if you want to go on day trips to Dubrovnik or Medjugorje or to the islands of Hvar, Korcula or Brac.

Your accommodation is also very important, especially if it is not a hotel or luxury resort. All hotels have really exact descriptions and photo galleries, and they are also effectively described by their stars, but how to find a good private apartment when there is so little information? This website will help you to find a suitable apartment for your briefly planned visit to Makarska. Many people renting apartments in Makarska are private property owners and they have nice houses by the sea or in the countryside. These apartments in private houses can vary from basic to luxury ones, however if you’re searching for a really unique experience of Makarska, then you should most definitely book accommodation in a Mediterranean villa. If you don’t feel like spending your vacations in a stone residence, try to find a modern-day villa with pool which follows all newest innovation trends. It is advisable to make your reservations in advance so that you do not find it difficult when you land in the country.

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