Why You Should Travel

| 07.09.2013

I came across an article today, Wanderlove written by Ella Frances Sanders, Intern at Maptia, and it inspired me to write this post to tell the world, why I do what I do, why I travel and why you should too. Looking at the pictures put together by Maptia brings me back to moments where I stood in awe in front of a breathtaking scenery. When you work really hard to get to the view, the feeling of soaking in the glorified landscape is one that is special, rewarding and cannot be traded for anything else. And that’s not the only reason why you should travel.

1. You wake up somewhere different, soak in a different air, with a different view

This world is beautiful and has so much to offer. My love for traveling began when I lived abroad, met people from different walks of life, different culture and it made me realise that I have been living in a bubble. Friends proudly told me about what their countries have to offer, and the mountains and lakes that their houses are situated by.

2. You realise that many beautiful villages exist.

Growing up in a cosmopolitan city I neglected the beauty of the natural landscape and take for granted the diversified culture this world comprises of.

3. You gain knowledge and experience when you travel

My life mission today is to experience as much as I can, meet as many people from different cultural background as possible, to understand and learn about their lifestyle. I want to uncover places that people overlook and show that there is a lot more than what people know or understand from the surface. I find it a shame that people rule out a lot of destinations because they don’t know much about it or simply because the places have a bad reputation.

4. You get to try authentic local cuisine

I love food and I make it a point to try what the locals tell me to try. Even impala and a live octopus once.

5. You meet fun people, forge new friendships

Having met new people, learnt about new places, I became more curious than ever before. And I yearn to see more, and experience more and since then I could’t stop.

6. Traveling makes you braver, it makes you independent

Through the journeys I take, I become braver, I discover more about myself, things that I never thought I could accomplish.

7. Traveling makes you happy, traveling makes you feel alive

Every time I plan a new trip, it revives the child in me, the pure joy of going somewhere I’ve never been. Being out of my comfort zone is both challenging and refreshing. Traveling makes me independent. Traveling makes me sociable, and it makes me knowledgable. Traveling with an open mind allows you to open up your eyes and see what surrounds you. Everyone you meet has a story to tell. Every ruin you visit was once bustling. Every castle or palace you visit, you follow the footsteps of a great leader from the past. You learn to have gratitude. You learn to love. You learn to give thanks for where you are today. Traveling has made me a better person.

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