Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea in Howth, Ireland

| 03.09.2013

To me, beaches are all the same. Show me a photo of a beach and I’d have trouble deciding whether it was in Florida or Thailand. You go to the beach and everyone always do the exact same thing: everyone lies on the towel the same way reading the same books, the children build a half-collapsed sandcastle, everyone goes into the water for a few minutes then spends the rest of the time sunning and trying to get a tan without getting a burn. Everything about the beach cries stagnant normalcy. Therefore, when I go to the beach, I don’t go for the beach, I go for the towns on the beach. I look at the waves for a few minutes, maybe dip my toes in the water and I’m finished.

Time to move on. I’d rather be somewhere else. Revolutionary I know–I don’t like the beach! That said, I love coastal towns. They have fantastic food, attractive views, and generally nice people. This village here is in Ireland, just outside of Dublin. To me, this photo signifies perfectly what I like about the sea: chaotic, energetic, adventurous. This isn’t a beach. Howth doesn’t have one that I know of. Instead, there is a pier and a harbour and a collection of rocks. The combination of these make for huge, crashing waves that reach icy fingers out to attack passersby. Here, you better watch out because these Irish waters attack the beach stereotypes–nothing about these waves are calm or relaxing or boring; instead, they are exciting and adventurous.

Apartment in Minsk

Sea in Howth, Ireland

Howth Ireland

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