Hotels in Minsk

Apartment Hotel BelTopRent is always ready to provide for you only the best hotel deals in Minsk. Can’t find available Minsk apartment for your dates? Try our hotels search box in order to book your hotel room in Minsk. You will choose from up to 60 hotels in Minsk. We guaranty the lowest prices for hotel accommodation booked from our site. Please note, if you want to stay in the hotel, you should obey to some rules. First, your visitor(s) should leave your hotel room before 11.00 PM. If you want your visitor to stay at your hotel room for all night long, you have to pay double price at the reception of the hotel. Some hotels in Minsk don’t provide you with ability to smoke in the room. Some hotels might ask you for upfront payment in order to book a hotel room. If they can’t accept on-line payments feel free to contact us.

You can easly transfer money for one night stay to our account on-line and after we have got your payment, our manager will go to the hotel and book a room on your name with paying for one night stay. We”ll send you the receipt! The rest ammount you pay upon your arrival to the hotel. Please note, that this option is the best and simplest in order to have secured hotel booking in Minsk. There is no 100% guaranty if during booking procedure the hotel did not get from you any payments upfront. The problem is the hotels are struggling with on-line payments. But with our service you can easily to book the room with 100% guaranty. Our fee for this service is only 10$. You can easy pay online full amount both our fee and one night hotel stay. We accept with all major credit cards and our gateway is totally secured for this type of payments. Search now for available hotel room in Minsk!

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