Send Flowers to Minsk Belarus

The BelTopRent team don’t stop! Another useful service in Minsk and all over Belarus didn’t take too much time to be on our list. This service is about sending flowers to Minsk, Belarus and this page is like our Minsk flower shop. Do you have some Belarussian girl that you in love with? Would you make an outstanding present for her? Send flowers to Minsk – she will be 100% satisfied with your present! Remember, flowers is one of the bests presents you ever can make for your girlfriend or ralatives in Belarus. You don’t need to send money for this service by Western Union or by post. You can pay for flowers delivering service on-line with all major credit cards. The price for our flowers (roses) is very low, like Belarus is another country that makes all income selling flowers all around the world:)

Currently we delivering only roses to our clients. Why? It’s simple! The roses are one of the best flowers on the Earth to be send as the present! The competition is high in flower business but you can’t go against the nature. Roses are in many steps ahead compair to other flowers you can send. To have the best prices we offer for our clients to buy and send belarussian roses. The price is outstanding! Don’t miss this chance to show for you sweetheart that you really care for her! Take a look at the roses we deal with. Keep in mind that you can send as many roses as you want!. All prices on this page are for just one rose. You do the math if you would buy 50 or 100 roses at one time. Additionally you can order decoretion for your bouquet of roses. See prices below.

 Send Flowers to Minsk. Flowers Delivery in Belarus

Additionally you need to pay for roses delivering. If you want us to bring your roses somewere in Minsk.  The price is 15$. If you would like to send flowers to somewere in Belarus, feel free to contact us to get the final price for delivering of roses. Keep in mind that you may order decoration for your bouquet. The price is 10$. We’ll provide you with the safe, simple, quick and secured option  to pay online with all major credit cards for sending flowers to Minsk Belarus.

1. Flowers delivery in Minsk – $15
2. Flowers delivery all over Belarus – under request
3. Bouquet decoration – $10
4. One rose (90-100cm) – $5
5. Order minimum sum to be processed by the BelTopRent – $120

Keep in mind, that you can order additionally to your bouquet of roses whatever you want. Even white or pink “Porsche”:) Fruit baskets, chocolates and sweets, soft toys, tea and coffee, gift balloons, perfume for her or for him, money in the envelope – the list is endless. We guarantee all prices to be as low as possible for all this stuff but the quality will be the best. You will get an email notification right after your order will be delivered. The  service is completely confidentially no matter who you are.

BelTopRent manager Lana says :

– Send flowers to Minsk with us. You will get professional customer service and the lowest prices for sending roses to Minsk, Belarus.

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