Minsk Apartments Questions

1. What is your advantage compare to other accommodation services?

The price of the apartments in Minsk for rent is always actual, fast search, quick response for each request, pleasant and polite service staff, complete privacy of our service.

2. Will I save money using your service?

Let’s take an example. Now you can find a plenty of offers on apartments in Minsk for a short/long term rent in the Internet. Unfortunately, some web-portals give offers from landlords of the flats rented for days on their web-sites. In this case the price on their web-sites rises 1.5-2-3 times per day of accommodation comparing to the actual price from the owner of the flat!!! There is a lot of cases when the foreigners overpay more than 100% of the actual cost of the apartments rented! We work different – the price of our service for search, reservation of the apartment rented is fixed! We always work with the owners of the apartments rented directly! Every client we work with is important for us!

3. I tried to rent apartment in Minsk for a night, but no web-site replied my request. Why?

Agents are not interested in your request! They would better wait for the next request for long term rent to put more money in their pockets! But with BelTopRent you will always rent Minsk apartments for any term! The charge of our service for search and reservation of apartment for hours or a night is just nominal!

4. What should I know when renting apartments in Minsk for a short term?

Usually the time of moving into a flat is 13:00, and the time of moving out is before 12:00. If you want to move into or move out earlier, you should notify us. In this case the owner of the apartment in Minsk often meet halfway with our company and you will not have to pay in addition! Smoking in the apartment is allowed only on the balconies. Apartments are not rented for celebrations, banquets, etc.

5. When do I have to pay for your service on the search and reservation of the apartment in Minsk?

Our service should be paid online before we would start Misk apartments search! We accept all major cards!

6. Will I be registered in the apartment rented?

You will always get registration in the Minsk apartment rented. The procedure overall is according Belarusian laws.

7. What are the hours of your service?

Our company works 24h a day. We search apartment rentals in Minsk any time you want to!

8. Can I rent apartment in Minsk for a long term by means of your service?

Apart-Hotel BelTopRent searches apartments in Minsk for any term of rent! If the apartment for long-term rent, the cost of our service is usually equal to the price of the rent per month, but it is always discussable. The fee is by cash only after moving into the apartment!