Minsk Apartment Services

Many people facing the problem to rent apartments, houses, offices for long or short term. This task is often troublesome and even nervous. And what should you do if you have to look for apartment to rent in another country? If you want to rent flats in Minsk (and other cities and towns of Belarus), company Beltoprent would be glad to solve all your problems about the Minsk apartments rent for shot or long stay.

We will choose the necessary Minsk apartments, adjust the terms of your accommodation, reserve the choice selected, meet you at the airport Minsk-2, railway station or bus terminal, provide translation for you to communicate with your apartments in Minsk holders during you’re moving into apartment and during departure. If photos of apartment in Minsk is available we will send them to you, provide complete confidentiality of our Minsk apartments accommodation service. We are able to find apartments in Minsk  for rent  at any time and in every rental’s situation. Review now our top apartments in Minsk, Belarus for short and long-term rent! Take a look at our must popular travel services. You will be provided with safe and trusted gateway to pay online.


1. Minsk apartment search (short-term rent)- 10$ (must be paid online)*

Need flat in Minsk? Don’t waste your time! Our fee apartment search is only $10. Best prices for apartment rentals in Minsk are guaranteed! How do you start with this option? First, you have to pay online our fee and send to us requirements for apartment rental. After you have made payment and we have all your demands for apartment, our managers will conduct apartment’s search that will be available for your dates through our large data. Usually it takes not more than one hour.

The best apartment rental with all contact details will be sended to your email. Then you need quickly to negotiate with the person who manage the apartment with all detailes regarding your trip in order to book it . The reason for you to contact manager ASAP is the apartment might get booked from somebody else for your dates at anytime. Hence you can’t rent the apartment! Keep in mind that for secured reservation you might need to pay to the manager upfront  minimum one day cost of apartment rental. Important note: with us you can save good money. We’ll provide you with  best prices because we are local and we do know everything about Belarusian market of short and long term apartment rentals.

2. Apartment search plus secured reservation – 25$ (must be paid online)    HIT!!!!

If you would like to get the full pack for apartment rental in Minsk or somewhere else in Belarus, this service is just all you need to be shure that your accommodation is waiting for you with 100% guaranty. We’ll find the best apartment and book it for your dates. Booking will be done only after you have approved the apartment we’d find for you. In order to book apartment you need transfer to us minimum one day cost of apartment. Those money will be delivered to the manager. We’ll get receipt from him, that you already have paid one day of your stay in this apartment. The rest ammount you pay after you moved in. If you want, we can send to your email a copy of receipt.

2. Minsk apartment search (long-term rent) – from 100$ (must be paid online)**

3. Airport Minsk-2 transfer: one way – 40$, both ways – 75$ (must be paid online) HIT!!!!

Important note: the distance between airport Minsk-2 and Minsk city center is 54km

4. Night clubs guide option – 40$/night

5. Translation service – 10$/hour

6. Belarusian visa support – 60$ (must be paid online)

7. Minsk casinos guide option – 50$

8. Advertising on the website BelTopRent.com – from 100$/month (must be paid online)

9. Writing and posting travel or real estate articles to our “news section” with the backlink to your site  – 100 $/year

10. Minsk hotels secured booking service – 10$ one time fee (must be paid online)  HIT!!!!

11. Listing of your property at BelTopRent.com – free of charge

*if you are renting an apartment, which is on the website BelTopRent.com, this service is free
**if one search an apartment, a house, an office for the long-term rent in Minsk, the cost of our service is usually equal to the cost of one month rental object

Approximate daily cost of apartments in Minsk for short-term rent

BelTopRent.com is always ready to provide our clients with great discount system once they have decide to rent apartments in Minsk with our accommodation service. The rules are very simple! As more amount for your rent in Minsk is – the bigger our discount. Real discounts for apartments in Minsk up to 20% are only from BelTopRent. To learn more about Minsk apartments rent, please contact us