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Every year tens of thousands tourists visit Minsk. Someone rents a room in a Minsk hotel, another one rents an apartment. What are the advantages and disadvantages of them both? Read the analysis by BTR. So, hotels of Minsk. At present there are more than 20 hotels in Minsk with the total amount of places for visitors 4650. There are only two five-star hotels. These are hotels Europe and Crown Plaza Hotel Minsk. The minimal price of room rent is from 250 euro. There are two four-star hotels in Minsk, too. These are hotels Minsk and Victoria with the minimal price of rent from 150 euro. Rent of the room in the most popular three-star hotels in Minsk (Yubileynaya, Planeta, Orbita) will cost from 70 euro. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Minsk hotel service nowadays?

First of all let’s discuss advantages: 1) a good location. Most of Minsk hotels are situated in the center of the city. 2) standard service is available in any hotel (free breakfasts, any credit cards are accepted, every day cleaning of room with change of bed-linen). 3) automatic registration of guest in hotel room. There is no need for a tourist to go anywhere in order to register himself according to requirements of Belarusian laws. Now let’s speak about disadvantages of the hotels in Minsk. We believe they are as follows: 1) price level. You will be surprised, but in Minsk hotels prices differ for Belarusian and foreigner. In case of rent of the same room foreigner will pay much more than Belarusian. 2) price / quality ratio. This parameter is often far from being good. Small rooms with the price of 120 euro are not curiosity in Minsk hotels. 3) service staff. Unfortunately, in our country staff is not taught for hotels. But this type of work needs tuition! You can often face rudeness, un-professionalism and even impudence of staff in hotel. The reason for this is undeveloped hotel busyness in Belarus. 4) communications with the outer world. Not every hotel has wireless access to the Internet, that is a serious disadvantage from our point of view. No tourist can do without Internet at present. 5) hotel entrance system is not very convenient.

If you want to invite a guest to your number, be ready to some following rules. Visitors are allowed only before 23.00 and your guest must have his passport with him. As you can see, Minsk hotels have both advantages and disadvantages. And what about apartments rent for a short term in Minsk? These days in Minsk several thousands of flats are rented for a short term. The choice will satisfy even the most sophisticated guest. From chic apartments in the very center of Minsk to quiet apartments with one bedroom in the city suburbs. Let’s point out the advantages of apartments rent for a short-term rent: 1) price factor + flexible discount system. Excellent apartments with two bedrooms are rented at the price from 70 euro. You can always get a discount when renting an apartment for more than 3-5 days. 2) price / quality ratio.

You pay less, while you get much more useful area + dining-room! You are to agree that home comport is very much appreciated! 3) individual treatment of each client. Most of the operators in the market of apartments for daily rent fulfill any requirement of their client. Free coffee, tea and in case of long term rent even delivery from airport Minsk-2 are available for you. 4) if you use our service, you also get complete confidentiality! And what are the disadvantages of daily flat rent in Minsk, you will ask. Yes, they are present, — we will answer you. And they are as follows: 1) free bed-linen change 1 time per 3 days, and free Minsk apartments cleaning only 1 time per week. Do you want to do it more often? Please, pay. 2) Possible household troubles. If you rent apartment in summer, there can be no hot water. 3) Information vacuum. If the owner of the apartment you rent doesn’t speak foreign language, you can stay alone with all your troubles that can arise while you rent an apartment in Minsk.

Thus, let’s make some conclusions. In case you rent an apartment, you will save much money, get individual treatment, and in our case complete confidentiality of the service. In case you stay at Minsk hotel, you get standard hotel service at the price which is much higher than that of apartment. Who won the fight between Minsk apartment and Minsk hotel – it’s for you to decide. But if you need to rent an apartment in Minskfor a short or long term, contact us. It’s important for us to make comfort for each person! And remember – there are no insignificant things in rent! Faithfully, team of BTR.

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