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We all know mighty  Shortly, this is a booking engine for hotels worldwide. I have no idea what’s happend with this famuse trademark, but now you can find bunch of apartments for daily rent there. How come that apartment is a «HOTEl» at Very simple. They only care in making more money. Hence the site lately was loaded with apartment rentals. All those apartments are selling like they are hotels. People making there bookings and then BOOM in Minsk! OMG, this is apartment in the soviet union style house, with bad smell, etc. Today i have read four pages of feedbacks for one such «hotel» on the I am going to place the link so you can read some of them. Many russians had stay using this fake «hotels» and left really bad feedbacks for this «new type of hotel service» from . Use Google translator to get the idea what are they talking about.

Hotels are hotels! Apartment rentals are ain’t hotels and never would be as hotels. It’s very big difference between those two types of accommodation service. We are very sorry if you’ve been traped by this trick from the bookingdotcom We don’t know what’s going on in other directions. Is there too some apartment rentals are selling to clients under the hotel trademark or not. But such things are in Minsk direction. Also it’s seems like many Minsk apartment rental companies simple don’t give a f…ck about there business and clients. The BelTopRent  Team came to this conclusion from our own experience. We hope the things would change in closest future. From our side we guaranty that we’ll do our best to make finding quality apartment rentals as  fast as possible.

We invite all people to send us comments about any apartment rental you had stay at. If your stay was great, tell us about it. If your stay was awfull, send us a comment. Lets bulid the service with only top apartment rentals in Minsk without any shit inside. We think that the part which does payment is okay. But the problem with the part that except the payment for the apartment rental. We don’t provide apartments, we only help to find and to book them. Our interest is on the side of our clients. We want to build unique worldwide service where the client has huge protection when he would deal with apartments for short term rent. Feel free to contact us if you have any comments about your accommodation in Minsk. Sincerely, The BelTopRent Team!

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