Where to travel in Europe. BelTopRent Tip

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Thinking about traveling over Europe? This is one of the best directions in the world to travel by the way. The nature is awesome and people are so worm and kind. One country in Europe you might be interesting is Belarus or Belorussia. The country fully presents USSR style. If you would like to get back like for 20-30 years, Belarus is the very good option to do that. By taking this travel Europe Belarus, you will be so impressed by the way it looks that you mght even like to visit this country again and again. One feature that Belorussia does have is very beautiful girls all around the country. It does not matter where you are, small or big town, everywere only hot, goodlooking girls who does does speak some English. Visiting night clubs in Belarus is great option for your next dating! The prices are very low but you can get such a great hangover that you wouldn’t ever forget! This is all could happend only in Belarus. Lets see some prices: hotel room in small town 30$, hangover in nightclub — 15$, taxi — 5$, cafe — 3$, bear -1$, good cigarretes- 1.3$

As you can see prices are ridiculous. Nowere in Europe you can get such cheap and remembered trip. For this travel you might need a visa, but its very easy to get. so you don’t need to worry about it. Some great tours in Belarus  are available too. These are city tours, culture tours,nature tours and military tours. You will get your own travel guide and by car you might visit very impressive places. One of them is Minsk Ghetto. Houndreds of thousands of Jews were killed in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. So its very exciting to visit this place and to honor your Jewish ancestors. Still thinking about your next travel in Europe? Contact us now to get your former USSR european country trip.

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